I have had these jeans for 13 years. The old saying goes ‘if you find a good pair of jeans, hold on to them’ and I kept hold with an iron grip. These jeans saw me through the whole of my twenties; they are filled with a thousand nights out, hundreds of nights in, trips to uni, adventures with friends, encounters with strangers and the jeans that I wore on my first date with my now husband.

I have tried to throw these jeans away on so many occasions but have never been able to as they meant too much to me. They held so many memories. But knowing they will be part of something and held forever in a wonderland of treasures, makes me feel happy and at ease with letting them go.

Having the photograph is brilliant, I will frame it and put it on my wall. Now I can have the memory of the jeans in a special place, rather than hidden away in a cupboard. Leila