I saw this recently in the Home sweet home cafe in Manchester:


Made me smile. It seems there is a whole movement in (western) society at the moment dedicated to accepting loss (and we are part it).

Interesting if you think about it. [Warning: philosophical rant follows!] A movement (consumerism in this case) always seems to create a counter-movement (losing the possessions again). However, that is a too general way of looking at it. What is it really, in this case, that makes us want to lose things again? For some it is the weight of the possessions that slow them down, for others the meaninglessness of the possessions. I think however that the problem goes much deeper. The root of this whole phenomenon lies (in my opinion) in how we understand possession. Growing up in a eastern culture I have also learned a different view on possessions: namely that there is no such thing as possessions. Really, if you think about it, what does it mean that something BELONGS to you? There is nothing tangible that ties objects to you. It is only a concept in our mind. I could write a whole essay on this topic – in fact I might. However, I think I’ll stop the philosophical rant here for now. Let me know your thought.