This item has been submitted to us by Kerry from A simple year – thank you!

Can a photo capture the great joy and terrible sadness that are both woven into the fabric of this jacket?  In the late 90’s, in the United States, I worked at the radio station embroidered on the coat.  It was an unspoiled time in my life.  I had a firm foothold in my professional life.  I met and married my prince charming. My life was full and enviable. I wore that denim proudly.
And then I was widowed.
I spiraled, wobbly and out of control, both personally and professionally.  Fourteen years have passed and I never wore that garment again. Time and distance righted my spin and eventually, mostly, healed me.  Yet, I still have the jacket, a symbol of my best and my worst. But it’s not as if the arms of this jacket hold my memories.  I do. It’s time to let it go.