It is a handmade gift. I made this knitted poppy for my grandma because it was her favourite flower. I’m not really sure why poppies were her favourite. I probably knitted it her for Xmas because she was very difficult to buy a present for. She would always say she didn’t want anything, and so I think I made her this because it would mean a lot more than just a shop bought item, and it might be more difficult for her to be negative about it. I think she really liked it and she was very keen on handmade, home-made and hand crafted objects/food.

I’ve inherited lots of functional items from my family and they are great objects to use everyday. I love collecting and keeping objects but, after moving house a few months ago, I’m trying to collect less or be more strict. Also because I have given this away once, it feels OK to give it away a second time.